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Improving Lives

Changing the way people care for each other.

We are changing the conversation from patient care to person care, from health care to healthy living. Now you can connect social, financial and community resources with caregivers, hospitals and families to improve outcomes throughout each person's health journey.

"TAVHealth helps us create an interconnected network to optimize what we do, reduce waste and be more effective health care managers and providers." – Director of Population Health

A platform for change.

We offer today's leading cloud-based platform for complete patient care. The platform connects care providers to community resources/support services that help a patient transition from inpatient to outpatient to home with successful outcomes never before possible.

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There is a person
inside every patient.

As Person

TAV creates stronger relationships between doctor, hospital and patients.
" – Administrative Director, Physician Services

Every patient's personal story brings a worldview to hospitals, doctors and nurses. Knowing patient's joys, fears, support circle, financial needs, and everyday challenges matters. Understanding these factors is the difference between a successful outcome and a less successful patient health journey. We believe we serve people, and happy endings are the only stories we like to tell.

Better Understanding

  • Inventory daily life and challenges of a patient
  • Create individual personal patient profile
  • Populate platform with data for building care management plan
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Knocking down barriers
to complete care.


Because of data and information TAVConnect can provide, we understand and know the barriers.
" – VP Business Development

In order to fight the good fight, it's essential to know what you're battling. TAVHealth brings this into plain sight via a confidential patient profile. Barriers could be lack of transportation for follow-up care, social isolation, or lack of financial means for medication. Each barrier affects a successful outcome. Knowing what we are up against helps bring resources to support that patient. That means better outcomes and reduced readmissions.

Better Insight

  • Data-driven platform gathers personal lifestyle information and pinpoints care barriers like transportation
  • Care providers have insight to the barriers that can prevent success
  • TAVHealth platform offers solutions to help providers help patients
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Creating care connections
for each patient.


TAV is not about the technology. It's about a better patient experience.
" – Health Systems Executive Director

TAVHealth creates care connections between patients, providers and social, financial and community resources. That means, based on your patient's personal story and their barriers, we develop a network of resources that contribute to positive outcomes. These connections bring your patient support from outside the health care system so you can deliver better outcomes within your health care system.

Better Outcomes

  • Solutions that support your care plan ensure better outcomes at a lower cost
  • Patients feel supported, are happier and become more loyal
  • TAVConnect's growing network of local community resources used by hospital systems across the US, helps both patients and caregivers feel better
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Real information real-time
for important care decisions.


It provides a link to me and my patients that allows me to be more in control of their care.
" – MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

With a rich and responsive platform, TAVHealth brings unprecedented capability to care providers. Finally, you have a way to truly gain meaningful patient information and essential insight. Data is real-time and actionable, so care decisions are made quickly and confidently, making it possible to enhance patient outcomes and experiences while reducing costs.

Better Processes

  • Cloud-based HIPAA-secured data accessed from anywhere
  • Maps workflows of patient engagement to streamline processes and ensure consistency
  • Data analysis supplies immediate decision-making capabilities

TAVConnect is a platform for better outcomes, lower cost & better patient experience

Centered on one thing only, patient as person, TAVConnect is the platform from TAVHealth that connects care providers to community resources that can assist in supporting a patient throughout their entire health journey.

Seeing the person inside the patient

TAVConnect gives care providers personal information about patients that you've never had before. The cloud-based Consumer Engagement Manager collects, accesses and analyzes personal patient details. Providers can then track and manage episodes of care as patients journey through inpatient, outpatient and home environments.

Workflow & process improvement

By removing the barriers facing physicians, nurses and other care providers, and mapping workflows to TAVConnect, patient engagement is streamlined and improved. Workflows become feedback loops that can evolve with the changing requirements facing health care systems.

Increasing value & decreasing risk

Information is power, and accessing informatics like population segmentation and risk stratification can uncover new revenue opportunities and minimize losses. TAVConnect captures patients' families and friends, creating opportunities for new customers and increased affinity with patients, families, communities and other providers.

Curating community resources

TAVConnect provides curated Community Resources with immediate identification of local organizations to help. Whether it's a free ride to a follow-up appointment, financial aid for prescriptions, free dental care or access to a support group, these connections can mean the difference between a complete recovery and a preventable relapse or costly readmission.


Our Consumer Service Center extends your health system's reach and provides scale to your population initiatives. TAVHealth's trained agents are integrated into your processes and work collaboratively with your care providers to improve patient outcomes and experience while reducing costs.

We work with doctors, nurses, patients, families and organizations to keep them all connected and healthy.

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