What we do

TAVHealth connects people, their families, care providers and the local community in ways not previously possible. Our TAVConnect™ platform helps manage populations by understanding patients as people. This helps solve for barriers, often encountered outside of the health care system, that keep vulnerable patients from recovering and returning to health.

See how we make connections


TAVConnect™ is a cloud-based system that creates webs of connection between patients, their families, providers, health systems and local community resources. TAVConnect’s workflow tools help providers track and manage episodes of care as patients journey through the inpatient, outpatient, and home environments. TAVConnect’s analytical tools produce valuable reports about patients - as individuals or defined populations - that extend beyond the clinic or hospital. When combined with TAVHealth’s curated guide of local community resources, holistic solutions are generated that help more patients overcome health barriers.

Community Resource Guide

TAVConnect’s curated Community Resource Guide provides quick identification of local organizations that help patients overcome health barriers. Whether it’s a free ride to a follow up appointment, financial aid for prescriptions, free dental care, or access to a support group, these connections can mean the difference between a complete recovery and a preventable relapse or costly readmission.

Workflow & Process Improvement

Software is most valuable when it supports strong organizational processes. That’s why TAVHealth begins by creating workflows of patient engagement processes, and then maps them into TAVConnect. Future workflow improvements are quickly and affordably made, ensuring a nimble response to the evolving requirements of today’s health care systems.

Analytical Reporting

TAVConnect creates and aggregates information about health barriers patients and their families face as they return home. Our reporting system allows quick views into which barrier solutions were available and included (or not) in a care plan, and also measures the results of activities outside the clinic or hospital. This provides insight into patients’ unique needs, and which solutions are most effective.

Our population segmentation and risk stratification reporting uncovers new revenue or loss avoidance opportunities. Additionally, TAVConnect’s consistent mapping of patients’ families and friends creates a database where outreach programs result in new customers, improved outcomes, and increased affinity with patients, families, community resources, and even other providers.

The Big Idea

TAVHealth believes the future belongs to health systems that connect people, their families, caregivers, nurses, doctors and local community resources in ways not previously possible.

Healthcare’s transition from volume to value creates extraordinary opportunities for disruptive innovation. TAVHealth’s opportunity is helping to identify and solve for social and financial barriers to health outside of the clinical setting. These solutions, achieved by creating connections and then integrating them into care plans, is essential for successful outcomes, and are now being embraced by the most forward thinking health providers.

TAVHealth (“Triple Aim Values”) generates the Triple Aim of better outcomes, lower cost, and a great customer experience - for everyone.

TAVHealth value timeline

Our readily configurable TAVConnect™ platform models and supports your operational processes. Modifications are quickly implemented to address your evolving needs, usually within weeks, not months or years.

TAVHealth value timeline

TAVConnect™ is implemented with a rapid prototyping process, which delivers more value in less time. As new webs of connection are created between patients, their families, providers, health systems and local community resources, the healthcare experience, outcomes, and cost improve - for everyone.