TAVConnect is a cloud-based collaboration platform our customers use to find and resolve Social Determinants of Health. Using shared workflows with community partners, TAVConnect is the workhorse that delivers the right resource to the right person. The members you serve are monitored in real-time across the community. No one falls between the cracks, and everyone stays connected and visible.

Our service team brings years of best practices right to your front door, making TAVConnect the most powerful collaboration tool on the market – in your market.

Our Solution Services team brings best-practices for collaboration from around the country that you use locally, tailored for your community. From design to integration, metrics to reports, support to training, we’ll get you and your community partners set up to collaborate, help the vulnerable, and achieve the outcomes you need. Whether you’re just starting or want to improve an established program, we’ll help you make it a success.

We're here to help.

The CRG is a custom directory of TAVHealth-verified local resources built for your community that help solve Social Determinants of Health. Accessing and integrating CRG partners in your TAVConnect workflow means referrals and handoffs are visible to all involved users. Collaboration is faster, outcomes improve, and no one falls between the cracks.

The TAVConnect platform is the ultimate compliance tool for ensuring you and your community partners are sharing the right data, as defined by HIPAA, Part 2, and state and federal laws. TAVHealth's Solution Services team helps configure permissions for your community with direction from our legal experts.

TAVHealth’s analytics tools monitor performance using live data to deliver real-time feedback. This allows our customers to maintain mutual accountability among partners to ensure successful outcomes.

Our on-demand team of outreach specialists extend the work of your team as they help the most vulnerable. Designed into the TAVConnect workflows that fit your particular needs, the TAVHealth Outreach team uses the latest techniques in health and social psychology to build rapport and conversations that are so important in understanding and resolving Social Determinants of Health.