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Enhancing care through inter-agency collaboration

Families living with autism in San Antonio, Texas have access to an abundance of community organizations providing a range of support services. Unfortunately, without a shared platform for collaboration, the amazing work of these organizations was undermined by limited coordination. This caused delayed response times for families, redundant data collection, and inconsistent outcome reporting by the agencies as required from their sponsors.

Families felt frustrated and alone. There was a lack of awareness about available resources and confusion regarding which organization to contact. What’s more, many found themselves repeatedly telling their stories to multiple agencies. Good outcomes were at risk.

To resolve these issues, the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation partnered with TAVHealth to launch Autism Lifeline Links (ALL), a collaborative program that increased care coordination among community-based organizations to jointly solve SDoH and improve outcomes.

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TAVHealth’s cloud-based collaboration platform, TAVConnect, was integrated into ALL’s web registration process across all ten community organizations. Families seeking autism support could now enroll in the system through a single point of entry.

Once enrolled, our on-demand group of Community Care specialists, TAVLink, assessed each family’s unique needs and assigned them to community organizations best suited to help.

Matching the right family to the right resources was important - but to truly mitigate a social risk, it was necessary to go beyond the referral process. Within TAVConnect, our Solution Services Team designed and activated several Pathways that ensured coordinated member journeys. Pathways provided a de ned set of actions and hand-o s completed by each organization to address a social need (i.e, social support, access to care, disability services, educational and nancial resources).

The TAVConnect platform provided structure, accountability and visibility across all ten community organizations. They could operate as a uni ed virtual team, managing shared work ows, safely sharing information, and assigning the best resources to resolve members’ needs. TAVLink provided additional support by improving scalability and consistency in the member follow up process.

Real-time analytics allowed ALL to monitor and measure client volume, agency referral trends, and Pathway usage. Gaps in platform adoption and collaboration could be identi ed and quickly remedied. These insights also improved transparency for the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation around the contributions of each participating service organization.


The TAVConnect platform generated over 1,700 inter-agency referrals in 18 months using our safe and collaborative sharing functionality. By eliminating duplicative reporting e orts and maximizing agency resources, response times were dramatically improved from an average of two weeks to 24 hours.

TAVConnect gave ALL the ability to deliver better outcomes to the San Antonio autism community, and ensured families received timely access to comprehensive community support.

The charts below demonstrate the increase in inter-agency referrals and collaboration.